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Erling E. 'Dinger' Doane


Dinger Doane

Date of Birth: October 14, 1893, in Natick, Massachusetts

Date of Death: June 5, 1948, in Detroit, Michigan (54 years old)


Daily Boston Globe - Published 06/10/48

On March 20, 1928, Doane was driving a car with his friend and passenger, Harry Foster

and crashed.  They both had been drinking heavily prior to the accident.  Doane suffered

minor injuries and Foster was hospitalized with a broken leg.  


Now, here is where the story take a strange turn.  While in the hospital, Harry Foster wanted

to see his leg.  He tried to take the splinters off and used a match to see what he was doing. 

Well, he set his splints on fire and eventually died from the burns.   Some tried to charge

Doane with 'negligent homicide'It never happened.

Most web sites have him dying on June 5, 1949 but someone probably copied the actual

year (1948) wrong and everyone else copied it.



1920 Cleveland Tigers (APFA)

1921 New York Brickley Giants (APFA)

1922 Milwaukee Badgers (NFL)

1923 Milwaukee Badgers (NFL)

1924 Milwaukee Badgers (NFL)

1925 Detroit Panthers (NFL)

1926 Detroit Panthers (NFL)

1927 Pottsville Maroons (NFL)

1927 Providence Steam Roller (NFL)


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