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Clarence McKay 'Ace' Parker


Clarence 'Ace' Parker

Pro Football Hall of Fame 1972

College Football Hall of Fame 1955

Date of Birth: May 17, 1912 in Portsmouth, Virginia

Date of Death: November 5, 2013, in Portsmouth, Virginia (101 years old)


NBC Sports - Published 11/06/13

Did you know?

Drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1937 - 2nd Round (13th overall)

He was a lieutenant in the United States Navy in World War II.

Clarence 'Ace' Parker was the Oldest Living Pro-Football player from

October 7th, 2010 to his death on November 5th, 2013.  His 'reign' as the

oldest player lasted 1,126 days.  The previous oldest living pro-football

player was Ralph Kercheval.


The other pro-football players to reach the Century Club are:

Sam 'Smoke' Dana - 104 years old (1903-2007)

Thomas P. Dickinson - 102 years old (1897-1999)

Joe Marhefka - 101 years old (1902-2003)

John P. Kovatch - 101 years old (1912-2013)

Ralph Horween - 100 years old (1896-1997)

Bill Glassford - 100 years old (1913-)



1937 Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)

1938 Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)

1939 Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)

1940 Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)

1941 Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)

1945 Bos/Bkn Yanks/Tigers (NFL)

1946 New York Yankees (AAFC)


Duke University