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Charles Edward 'Charlie' Behan


Charlie Behan

Date of Birth: August 4, 1920, in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Date of Death: May 18, 1945, in Okinawa, Japan (24 years old)


The Milwaukee Journal - Published 05/30/45

The New York Times - Published 06/01/45

Did you know?

At the battle for 'Sugar Loaf Hill', he was killed instantly after throwing three

grenades at an emeny machine gun nest.  The return fire from those same machine

guns killed him.

He was awarded the Navy Cross, posthumously.


To read more about the 1942 Wisconsin Badgers University football team, Charlie

Behan and other college and professional football players turned war heroes, check

out the book Third Down and a War to Go, by Terry Frei.  A great read about their

exploits on the field of battle and on the football field during World War II.



1942 Detroit Lions (NFL)


Northern Illinois Teachers College, (Northern Illinois University)