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Charles G. 'Chuck' Braidwood


Chuck Braidwood

Date of Birth: October 15, 1903, in Illinois

Date of Death: January 8, 1945, in Biak Island, Pacific (41 years old)


The Portsmouth Times - Published 01/23/45

He died of a heart attack while on Biak Island.  He was an American Red Cross 

program director working overseas to help the war effort.  The Pro-Football Hall

of Fame web site said he was "killed in the South Pacific".   Technically, they are

corrrect, he was killed.... by a heart attack, but...

He did, however, die serving our country during World War II and should be

honored for his sacrifice.



1930 Portsmouth Spartans (NFL)

1931 Cleveland Indians (NFL)

1932 Chicago Cardinals (NFL)

1933 Cincinnati Reds (NFL)


Loyola University (IL), University of Tennessee at Chattanooga