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Benjamin Franklin 'Ben' Jones


Ben Jones

Date of Birth: 1900

Date of Death: May 17, 1929, in Grove City, Pennsylvania (29 years old)


Rock Hill Herald - Published 05/17/29

Prescott Evening Courier - Published 05/17/29


There was a gas explosion at a clinic in Cleveland, Ohio and the resulting fire released

poison gas from burning x-ray films that were being held in the clinic.  The toxic fumes killed

over 100 people.  It was believed to have been started by people smoking too

close to the film storage room.


Ben Jones was one of the first people pulled from the blast.  At the time, he felt no ill effects

from the poisonous gas and drove 150 miles from Cleveland to Pine Grove where he lived. 

After a few hours at his home, he collapsed and died. 



1923 Canton Bulldogs (NFL)

1924 Cleveland Bulldogs (NFL)

1925 Canton Bulldogs (NFL)

1925 Frankford Yellow Jackets (NFL)

1926 Frankford Yellow Jackets (NFL)

1927 Chicago Cardinals (NFL)

1928 Chicago Cardinals (NFL)


Indiana University of Pennsylvania