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Angelo M. Paternoster


Angelo Paternoster

Date of Birth: February 20, 1919, in Passaic, New Jersey

Date of Death: July 6, 2012, in Wayne, New Jersey (93 years old)


The Star Ledger - Published 07/07/12

After his football career, he became a dentist.

I had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Paternoster about his football career in December 2009.

What a terrific man with many great stories about his career.  I know there is debate on

whether he actually played in a game for the Redskins in 1943.  During our interview, I asked

him about which games he played in.  He told me he played in the first game against the

Brooklyn Dodgers as a guard.  Here is part of the interview.

Push the Play button to listen to him talk about it...

Paternoster said, "I guess I had a good day, because the next day

I made the Washington papers, my commanding officer at the dental school, well, he got the

word, heard that I was playing with the Skins and called me down to the office.  That's what

I am saying, I had a very short career with the Skins a short period of time, you know,

practice and the game it was only 3 or 5 weeks.  He said, "I understand you are playing

pro-football, and I said, "Yes sir", I couldn't lie to him, I used my own name, I wasn't

trying to hide anything, and he said "You will have to leave, you can't be playing

pro-football, you will jeopardize your career as a Navy dentist playing football. 

If you don't quit, you will on the next ship over-seas."  Of course, I said, "I'm staying". 

He told the Skins he was done. 



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