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Almon Goodwin Specht


Almon Specht

Date of Birth: April 8, 1891, in Chicago, Illinois

Date of Death: March 22, 1948, in Chicago, Illinois (56 years old)


The Chicago Tribune - Published 03/24/48

Did you know?

This guy is listed in various places as Robert Specht and also as Emmett Specht. He is

listed as "Robert" in some Fort Wayne newspapers in 1917 and 1918, when he was playing

for a team there, and in the Pro-Football EncyclopediaHe is listed as Emmett in a Coffin

Corner article, and on a few other sites.


Both sources mention that he was a Chicago mounted policeman. The Fort Wayne

papers also mentioned that he had played several years with the Evanston North Ends


There is an article in the Southtown Economist, 06/05/46, mentioning that Almon

G. Specht was retiring after 32 years on the Chicago Police Force. He had been a

mounted policeman, and had played football for the Evanston North Ends. He was

decorated in 1915 for helping to save 38 passengers from the Eastland, a pleasure

boat that sank in Chicago Harbor.


There is no record of either Robert or Emmett Specht in the Chicago area censuses.



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