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Alfred W. 'Al' Klug


Al Klug

Date of Birth: June 1, 1920, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Date of Death: June 14, 1957, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (37 years old)


Oshkosh (WI) Daily Northwestern - Published 06/15/57

Verified by his son

Did you know?

After his football career, Alfred W. Klug became an automobile

dealer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  On June 13, 1957, he went to a bar

located in downtown Milwaukee.  Reports say he had been ejected

from the tavern by the bartender and a liquor salesman for "annoying

customers".  Soon after, he was found sitting slumped on a curb near

the tavern by an unnamed friend.  He was taken to County Emergency

Hospital where he died.  An autopsy showed that his death resulted

from a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage.  We are unsure if anyone

was ever held accountable for his death.



1946 Buffalo Bisons (AAFC)

1947 Baltimore Colts (AAFC)

1948 Baltimore Colts (AAFC)


Marquette University